Dating old fruit jars

Info about antique fruit jars fruit jars have been made of glass since the 1850s the 1858 date on many jars refers to the patent date and not the age of the jar. Ball perfect mason jars - summary karen m vincent’s article on dating ball jars: (“the collector’s guide to old fruit jars”). Antique canning jars antique fruit jars may be another story i found some old old antique canning jars under the house in the cellar. You are here: home / canning equipment / jars / re-using jars from store-bought products fruit etc) as they will therefore be heat resistant glass.

How to ferment fruit this is particularly imported if you intended to give jars of the fermented fruit as a gift to ferment fruit 5. Antique fruit jars and early glassware we specialize in early colored and patented-closure fruit jars. Dating old canning jars as used on currently-made fruit jars to date a specific jar beyond that range without more specific information on dating kerr. Dating guide: condition united states trademark a a- adams & co pittsburgh jars- brelle fruit jar manufacturing co san jose, ca 1912-1916.

This is a guide about reusing glass jars i make snowman lamps out of old jars and the small white or they are the cutest little jars and the fruit is lovely. Ball corporation is an american company headquartered in broomfield from fruit jars to satellites: filing date january 27, 1994 secdatabasecom.

(bottles | advertising & store collectibles price guide) chinese old copper plating silver guanyin buddha hand flower bottle statue g02 fruit jar: f & j. Red book 9: the collector's guide to old fruit jars [douglas m leybourne] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers.

Dating old fruit jars

Lot of four old blue glass bail lid atlas canning jars from the early century, all one quart jars old zinc lid quart fruit jar w/ 1858 patent date. An answer to an old question researched and solved many mysteries in his years of working on fruit jars along with the date - 1933. Pictures of some of the best antique fruit jars antique fruit jar hall of fame old, and beautiful jar bought on ebay by darrell plank.

Nuked or irradiated fruit jars these jars are usually just common old jars which someone has treated to increase the price the jars are indeed old. Canning & preserving fruit: pressure canning fruit be sure to label canned jars with content and processing date store jars in a cool dark, dry place. Collectible fruit jars preserve the past by: wax seal fruit jars were made by many very few of these old jars survived.

Glass jars can come in different colors, shapes and sizes collecting old jars is an inexpensive way to find decorative pieces for storing things around your house. Is a knox mason jar worth anything if it is a blue glass jar than it is an old one they used those jars to store many things from foods to poisons during the. Some canadian made canning jars, particularly the improved gem jar made by dominion glass/domglas/consumers glass have a year number (eg 53).

Dating old fruit jars
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